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WREN – sterling silver charm, hand made black porcelain pendant and 1ml of Australian bush essential oil

Wren – sterling silver charm, hand made black porcelain pendant and 1ml of Australian bush essential oil.

Made from 925 Sterling silver this icon of Australia is set on a handmade black porcelain disc. It is a beautiful memento of Australia and will make a lovely gift.

A Hand-crafted porcelain pendant with 925 sterling silver Australian themed charm & silver chain and 1ml of 100% essential oil blend of Australian Bush flowers; fragonia™, rosalina, eucalyptus and lemon teatree.

Simply drop the essential oil onto the porcelain disc, it will absorb the fragrance and slowly release the perfume, so that you can enjoy the Australian bush.

Wren Fact:

Did you know:

You may have seen a group of blue wrens hopping around your garden, and admired the little blue male and his harem of homely looking brown females. Or have you? In fact, things are not quite what they seem. Each group actually contains only one breeding pair and their brown offspring from previous seasons, and they all work together to raise the chicks. When the female helpers reach maturity they are driven out, as the dominant female will not tolerate other females in her territory. The male is tolerant of his drab sons and will put up with them as long as they don’t adopt their breeding plumage before he does and so threaten his dominance. However, it is in his interests to leave as many offspring as possible and pass his genes on, so he goes on sneaky, sex seeking sorties into adjoining territories. The females cooperate and mate with high status males from other territories, thus ensuring that their eggs are fertilised by the strongest sperm from the strongest male. Research has shown that around 70% of blue wren chicks are fathered by males outside their own communal group. – thanks Burkes Backyard