Australian Manuka Honey and Ginger, Salt and Plum

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Australian Manuka Honey and Ginger, Salt and Plum

'A Sweeter You'  - our new range of Artisan Manuka Honey in a gift pack.

This Manuka Honey cannot be shipped to Western Australia because of their quarantine laws. Please phone us on 1300 309 128 to discuss.

We begin with the finest 100% Australian Manuka Honey sourced from local beekeepers across the south-east coast of Australia. Our range of Artisan Manuka Honey uses carefully selected flavours to create a truly delectable taste experience in every serving.

3 jars of Artisan Manuka Honeys in a gift pack including a FREE timber honey stick. Tastes of Ginger, Salt and Plum. The perfect gift and a great way  to try 3 different tastes.  

Raw, unpasteurised, pure 100% Australian Manuka Honey with Australian Ginger, salt and plum. Perfect to take a teaspoon, spread onto toast, add to drinks and smoothies and use as a marinade/baste or in cooking. 

Try them. You will love them!

These jars can be purchased individually as well.