Facial mask

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  • Sydney - The Sydney ultra facial blending mask is enriched with Eucalyptus and Jojoba oil. Essential in nourishing and hydrating the skin. Daily application will assist to replenish and smooth your skin.
  • Tasmania - The Tasmanian ultra facial blending mask utilises the powerful nurishing effects of leatherwood honey and the high levels of vitamins in Kakadu plum to assist in the hydration and repair of the skin. Apply daily to instantly replenish dry and worn out skin.
  • Gold Coast - The Gold Coast Ultra Facial Blending Mask uses the revitalising properties of the special ingredients, lemon Myrtle and blue cypress oil to repair damaged skin. Refresh and restore confidence in your skin the most nourishing facial treatment.
  • Cairns - The Cairns Ultra Facial Blending Mask takes advantage of pore tightening and moisturising properties of coral and Aran oil to improve the complexion and moisture levels of the skin. Compliment healthy skin with a flawless look.
  • Melbourne - The Melbourne Ultra Facial Mask utilises the nourishing properties of the special ingredient rose hip oil and macadamia nut oil to sooth and repair for a youthful look. Improve the skins complexion with regular application.
  • Adelaide - The Adelaide Ultra Blending Facial Mask is enriched with natural lavender and red wine which are best known for their soothing and high antioxidant level properties. Helps relax your skin as well as repair and protect from future skin damage.
  • Blue Mountains - The Blue Mountains Ultra Blending Facial Mask Utilises the anti-bacterial and soothing properties of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil in order to nourish the skin in the most therapeutic way. Reduce signs of imperfections and improve the skins completions with regular application.
  • Australia - The Australia Ultra Blending Mask combines the vitamins and oils of Kakadu Plum and jojoba oil to rehydrate and rejuvenate dry skin to give your skin a soft and silky feel.