Lee-Anne Hall - Water Hole Painting

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Artist: Lee-Anne Hall
Size: 30cmx30cm

Aboriginal Nation: Bundjalung Tribe

Lee-Anne is the daughter of the Aboriginal activist and artist, Phillip Hall.

Lee-Anne is inspired by dreamtime stories passed on to her from her Mother, who is the famous Indigenous artist Pam Brandy Hall. Lee-Anne is the great granddaughter of activist Jack Patten.

"I paint stories about the Dreamtime, myths, Aboriginal survival, land, animals and waterways. I use rich vivid colours, earth tones and traditional style to tell the stories of the Dreamtime, my country and my clan. This painting shows my country, the origin of the dots shows their connection to other Aboriginal groups within the nation. The bush tucker and animals are part of our daily life for hunting and gathering. Our people live in harmony with the land. I believe strongly in our Aboriginal spirituality and that our life cycle evolves and is connected to everything in the universe”

Lee-Anne has a contemporary style while maintaining traditional storylines.

*Certificate Of Authenticity Included