Yada - barramundi Dreaming Painting

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Artist: Yada
Size: 32cmx32cm

Yada has learned his style from his father and continues today to bring the stories of early day hunting and gathering into his work. His paintings have been sold world wide and are on the walls of the average traveller to the most prominent of famous people. The style of art is typical of the local area north of cairns were a series of line and dot work is combined to create the dreaming of his for fathers who once enjoyed the freedom of this land.

He comes from kuku yalanji area. They are the indigenous inhabitants of the land which stretches from around Cooktown in the north to near Chillagoe in the west and Port Douglas in the south. Purchasing one of Yada's art pieces is an investment in the ancient culture that has been here for 40 000 years. And is also an insurance that the art of the Australian aboriginal will continue.

*Certificate Of Authenticity Included