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This question has been asked by many of our locals and here is the answer!


Who sources your stock?

The man on the far right of the featured photo is the owner and founder of Silver Tail Downunder PTY LTD, Sasan Iravani. For over 35 years he has been traveling Australia looking for not only unique souvenir ideas, but the most authentic. Sasan has taken the time to learn about the Aboriginal culture and has taken the time to learn how to play the famous Didgeridoo so he can ensure our customers not only have the best looking but the best sounding.



How are royalties paid on the aboriginal art sold?
At Gifts At The Quay, we ensure all our art benefits the artists fairly.
Royalty agreements are made by either us directly or the company you buy from. All royalties are paid to the artists directly to benefit their communities and themselves.

What is fake and what is real?
We have been asked this many times, and the answer is very simple. If you simply ask the question in Australia, you have to by law get the honest answer. Buying souvenirs from a Gift shop or a "Gallery" makes no difference, in fact prices in gift shops are generally cheaper due to high quantity of sales and still give the exact same amount of royalties to the artists. 

Can you help with corporate events?
As we always stock large amounts of hand made items, we are the preferred stockists for corporate organisers to seek the perfect gifts all year round. If you have any enquiries, please email us on with any questions.

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship to any country in the world, except Russia.

"I saw something in your store, but it's not online!"
We stock over 20,000 items in store and thats always changing to new items. If you did something in the store or have a image of it, please email to us and will be able to accommodate the purchase via email.

Is my purchase insured?
due to previous issues, we have put a compulsory $100 insurance policy on our didgeridoos which will partially cover a new didgeridoo if any damage is caused. Alternatively you can request full cover for an additional fee depending on the price of the item which will need to requested via email.